Glaze pit treatment method appears in ceramic glazes:

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Glaze pit treatment method appears in ceramic glazes:
1 Strictly control the glaze slurry fineness range and glaze slurry storage time, and the glaze slurry can't exist in a place with high temperature. The clay is used as little as possible in order to ensure the suspension properties of the glaze slurry.
2 Strictly control the pollution problems in the process of glaze, especially the pollution of oil pollution.
4 to improve the smoothness of steel mold processing, powder size should not be too coarse, water should be appropriate, clean the mold to avoid staining; melting temperature of the frit should be determined according to the composition of the glaze through the test.
5 When firing, determine a reasonable firing regime. If the kiln is kept in an oxidizing atmosphere, the firing temperature should not be too high and should not be too low, the heating rate should not be too fast, and the temperature of the kiln head should be increased as much as possible when the conditions permit, and an appropriate holding time should be provided to facilitate the elimination of gases as much as possible. .
6 Because the impurities in the raw material are enriched by the combustion of a large amount of gas, the glaze raw materials must be selected according to the technical requirements, and low-quality materials cannot be used for some reasons, especially zinc oxide, zircon, feldspar, limestone and Chigang. Soil, etc., require high purity and less impurities. In addition, in the production of various processes must also be avoided as far as possible impurities, affecting the glaze quality.
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