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Drop glaze in the production process is under the glaze color technology, product design and color is rich, clear texture, surface shining brilliantly clean product features, such as the surface is a layer of wet printing glaze or pour glaze, have the effect that make the finishing point in adornment effect.
Household decorate many choose all glazed ceramic tile, particularly good because of its decorative pattern, not only modelling and luxuriant, colour also is very good, not only the color is rich, and very have administrative levels feeling, looks and other kinds of ceramic tile is in essence the difference. So what elements determine the quality of the fully glazed tiles? This will require the upstream supply and process control of the whole cast product, to understand the production process of full glaze.
The raw material determines the quality of the brick.
The raw material selection of the whole glaze is equally important, the glaze determines the quality of the brick, so the raw material is the quality of the brick. Now all glazed ceramic raw materials mainly kaolin in guangdong, because guangdong kaolin viscosity is stronger, higher associativity, so the production of ceramic products quality is better, bricky system more stable. It is understood that the distribution of raw materials also hinder other region one of the most important factors in glazed ceramic production, as compared to other regions of kaolin lacking in guangdong, and other areas of technology is relatively backward, so other regions all glazed ceramic products rarely at present.
It is understood that the ceramic enterprises now produce all the glaze products with two kinds of brick, namely, the imitation brick and polishing brick. All the glazed ceramic products or currently use archaize adobe use more appropriate, because better archaize brick close sex, secondary fire when it's not easy to deformation, the polishing brick is slightly inferior, but at present many enterprises in order to save costs, only the use of polishing brick body glazed ceramic production, all of them, and as a result, the final product effect is poorer, and prone to deformation.
The glaze is the key
Glaze is the core of whole glazed ceramic products, the glaze quality determines the quality of the whole glazed ceramic products, no matter how brilliant design, how to perfect polishing process control, if the opacity of the glaze and wear-resisting degree is not enough, the performance of the product effect will sell at a discount greatly. Glaze at present is mainly divided into imported glaze, glaze and domestic import glaze mainly comes from Italy and Spain, import transparent glaze, brightness and higher stiffness, firing glaze is more wear-resisting, more dialysis.
In the glaze chemical composition is mainly composed of potassium sodium feldspar, calcite, quartz and wollastonite, kaolin, alumina, etc, and every glaze formula and the formula of specific manufacturer is different, this leads to every enterprise produced glaze quality is uneven, the whole cast youligong face there is a very professional units, called expansion coefficient, if glaze expansion coefficient is beyond the scope of rated, therefore in the process of fire will be very strong, the pull force caused by lead to deformation of brick and glazed crack, and the coefficient of expansion and glaze formula has a lot of contact, and the stand or fall of glaze formula and determines the whole glazed ceramic products quality. As a result, each glaze company does not mention its own recipe and collocation, lest the colleague copy.
How much production capacity to look at the production line.
In addition to glaze material is the key, in the glaze polishing process is also very important. At present, the polishing process of full polishing has developed rapidly, and now the ceramic enterprises basically use the soft grinding head for polishing, and the soft grinding head can effectively improve the flatness of the brick surface of the total glazed products.
Early last year, with the full development of glazed ceramic craft, ceramic machine enterprises launched "tailor-made" full glazed ceramic machine for full escort glazed ceramic tile, the new glazed ceramic machine made all glazed tile waste from quantity is 70% less than traditional polishing brick, at the same time, 25% of energy saving effect. At present, the production capacity of the new glazed tile polishing production line has been continuously improved, and many of the total polishing production lines have reached over 5000 square meters, with a stable brick surface of more than 90%. According to equipment on site operators, glazed polished tile production line work stable, the operation is very convenient save worry, fully implement the uninterrupted continuous flow operation, if the other form a complete set of production line of auxiliary production capacity to catch up with him, completely glazed ceramic tile production capacity and increase a lot.
Yield depends on technology.
The raw materials and tools are all ready, but it is necessary to have a good process technology so that the whole dish can be Fried. All glazed ceramic production technology at present mainly two kinds, one kind of the original production of microcrystalline glass some enterprises to adopt the technology, USES a heap of glaze process after printing first, on the surface of the transparent glaze thick, stereo sense is stronger, therefore better transparency, and because of its glaze thick easy polishing; Another kind is the original production of archaize brick enterprises to adopt a process, that is both under the glaze of decorative pattern on the surface of clinker, are printed, the technology of high fidelity, low cost, but it is easy to show the glazed ceramic.
A lot of completely glazed products are prone to secondary deformation after firing, which is mainly due to the failure of process technology, resulting in the uneven heating of adobe and glaze in the process of firing. Industry people point out that the general product rate of the enterprises with full glazing technology is only 70-80%, and some immature enterprises have lower yield.
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