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2018-05-18 00:12 admin
G3 Business News: Zibo Yu Tao Ceramics Materials Co., Ltd. is located in China's Taoxi township - Shandong Zibo, focusing on the development and production of high-end ceramic frits and color glazes.
The building sanitary ceramics industry places great emphasis on the use of advanced glaze technology. A large number of professional ceramic glazes and ceramic frits and pigment companies have emerged in China. The glaze used in building sanitary ceramics products is more and more abundant and diverse. However, the basic composition of glazes is still raw materials. Standardization and dataization are the tools for the Taoists to realize their dreams, and they are also the goals of the ceramic industry.
  Zibo Tao Ceramics Materials Co., Ltd. will use advanced research and development methods, a powerful marketing network, and strict management systems to provide our customers with the best product quality and perfect technical services for the country and the world.
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