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2019-07-11 10:49 优易科技
At the 2019 Foshan Ceramics and Materials Exhibition, as one of the participating companies in the province, Zibo, the company that provides high-quality solutions from China for the global inorganic non-metal industry, attracted the attention of this magazine. It is Zibo Yutao Ceramic Materials Co., Ltd. located in Zibo City, Shandong Province. Founded in 2013, this is mainly engaged in the sales of ceramic raw materials such as zircon powder, zirconium silicate and alumina. The products are widely used in glaze, fireproof and precision casting industries. In recent years, relying on the technical and talent advantages of Wuhan University of Technology, it has gradually developed into a professional ceramic glaze enterprise. 钧Tao ceramic materials have developed a series of products such as matte glaze, soft glaze, fine glaze and impervious glaze. With strict raw material management and meticulous after-sales service, it has won wide recognition from customers.

In the communication, I know that the quality and stability of the products are important to the customers, so the quality and supply of the products are strictly managed and laid out. Authorized by Wuhan University of Technology, Yantao Investment established Zibo Botaisite Ceramics Technical Service Center. The main management personnel have master's degree or above (Wuhan University of Technology), and introduced German Brook X-ray diffraction analyzer, thermal expansion analyzer and other equipment. All incoming materials are strictly controlled to ensure the quality of the source. With the increasingly serious environmental protection situation, the stable supply of ceramic frit has become a bottleneck restricting the glaze companies. In advance, the terracotta pottery has established a stable cooperative relationship with the frit production base to ensure a stable supply of frit. At the same time, Yantao cooperated with well-known domestic raw materials, equipment manufacturers and design companies to set up an excellent technical service team to provide one-stop service from ceramics raw material control, equipment optimization, glaze research and development to product color design. Provide a comprehensive solution.
Since its establishment, Yu Tao has been committed to the development of new frit glaze and finished glaze technology for large-scale production. Over the years, Yantao has accumulated thousands of standard sample databases, achieving a series of technological breakthroughs covering all aspects of ceramic manufacturing, including raw material testing, blanks, prototypes, glazing, and furnace design. The finished product is off the assembly line. The ceramics industry pays great attention to the use of advanced glaze technology. A large number of highly professional ceramic glazes and ceramic frits and pigments companies have emerged in China. The glaze used in ceramic products is more and more diverse, but the basic composition of glaze is still raw materials, standardization, and data is the goal of juncera.


Yan Tao Yin said in an interview that Yan Tao has a good customer reputation in countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam in Africa and Southeast Asia, and the domestic market has a low demand. With the increasingly fierce competition in the ceramics industry in recent years, the grades of local products in the Southeast Asian market are gradually increasing. This is a challenge for domestic enterprises entering the Southeast Asian market. It is even more demanding for enterprises to pay attention to cost control, improve internal strength and provide high Value added product. In the Southeast Asian market, Yantao has set up branches and offices to provide quality services to customers with confidence in production. For the exhibition platform, Yin said that the exhibition is a good platform for direct and face-to-face communication with customers. The company's products can be intuitively presented to customers and increase their trust.

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