Juncera successfully holds the annual meeting of 2020

2020-01-06 11:32 钧陶
On January 4, 2020, Zibo Juntao ceramic materials Co., Ltd. successfully held the 2020 annual meeting in zhiweizhai Hotel, Zhangdian District. Nearly 100 people attended the meeting. We had a memorable night together.

Mr. she Ziwei, general manager of the company, expressed his gratitude to all the family members and guests, summarized the development of the company in 2019 and put forward a higher work goal for 2020. He hoped that all Juntao people would make further efforts and create more brilliance. Mr. Gong Mingzhe, deputy general manager of the company, delivered new year's greetings to all .

At the scene of the party, the laughter and the lottery pushed the party to the climax, and everyone returned with a full load

Our small service team is also conscientious, everyone performs their own duties, conscientiously completes the arranged tasks, and praises them.

"Farewell to the old and welcome the new. In this charming night, under this gorgeous light, we jointly ushered in the ‘2020 meeting of Juncera’. The past 2019 is a year for the company to build on the past and build on the future. All employees of our company strive hard to usher in a brand-new 2020 year in every full and busy day. Thanks to all the leaders and family members for their hard work, and thanks to all the partners for their support. Looking forward to the coming year, we have unlimited hope. In order to share our friendship, joy and taste the warmth of the juntera family, we are gathered here today, let's spend this wonderful night with laughter... "

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