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Juncera ceramic limited is located in Zibo, Shandong Province, based on the technical and talent advantages of Wuhan University of Technology. expanded as a professional ceramic glaze company, the company has developed a series of frits (titanium frits, opaque frits, transparent frits, inkjet frits and sanitary frits) and glaze products ( matt glaze, silk glaze, fine carved glaze ), which have been recognized by customers via virtue of strict raw material control and meticulous after-sales service. At the same time, we sale zircon powder, zirconium silicate, alumina , whitening agent and other ceramic raw materials too. The products are widely used in glaze, refractory and precision casting industry. In recent years, combined with the actual needs of customers, the company has carried out new work such as training of enterprise technicians, debugging of new ceramic production lines, optimizing production process of old factories (improving production quality, improving the rate of excellence, reducing comprehensive costs), and we have many customers at domestic and abroad (Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Africa)

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